How it works

  • Getting started: Set up your SmartRx secure account as a prescriber. At registration you will need to provide some ID so that our pharmacy team member can check your credentials. Upon being approved you will gain access to your secure account.

  • Start prescribing: You can now create secure electronic prescriptions for your patients. Your digitally signed signature will remove the need for a paper based solution. To make life simpler, prescriptions can be created by a Prescriber or a nominated member of your team, which will then only require the prescriber to approve at the end. Our pharmacist will receive, check and dispense the prescription.

  • Easy payment: Our pharmacy team member will email your patient a secure link for payment. We can set up your account to invoice the prescriber or clinic if required. If so, please contact us and we will change your account to invoice only.

  • Prescription delivery: Once paid, our pharmacy will dispatch the order to your patients delivery address for next day delivery. Most prescriptions will be dispatched the day the payment is made. Your patients will be able to track the delivery.

Start Prescribing with SmartRx in a few easy steps

Register as a Prescriber.
Complete your personal details and submit.
We will verify your account within 3 hours.
Finally, create patients/orders and start prescribing.