About us

SmartRx is an e-prescribing module developed by Smartway Pharmacy to enable seamless prescribing of private prescriptions by healthcare practitioners. SmartRx removes the need for hand-written, paper-based prescriptions to be posted to the patient or pharmacy, and also allows for healthcare practitioners to incorporate the cost of medicines into patient’s treatment plan.

SmartRx works off a secure platform. SmartRx is PCIDSS compliant and no payment details are stored. Patient receives a secure payment link and can make payment when convenient to them by using their tablet, mobile or PC. Delivery tracking is available to both Prescribers and Patients and alternative delivery addresses can be used if more convenient.

Smartway Pharmacy is a registered online pharmacy based in London UK. We provide a cost-effective, remote dispensing solution for patients. Our team of specialists will clinically check, dispense and arrange delivery to either the patients house or place of work.

Smartway Pharmacy is a division of Smartway Pharmaceuticals; an MHRA-regulated pharmaceutical wholesaler that has been supplying unlicensed medicines and specials to retail pharmacies and healthcare professionals, along with both NHS and rivate hospitals for over 15 years. By being aligned to a wholesaling company, Smartway Pharmacy can offer patients and healthcare practitioners cost savings on prescriptions, whilst remaining efficient and with the assurance that products have been sourced from validated suppliers.

We aim to go beyond the minimum expected of us, and have numerous qualified pharmacists and dispensers on site at any one time. Coupled with our quality management system being managed entirely online via eQMS, our team of experienced pharmacists have complete overview and control of operations – and are always on hand and prepared for when you and your patients need us.

Join SmartRx and discover why professionals in the UK trust us as their supply chain partner. Once you have registered, you will be able to login to your online account and start e-prescribing for your patients.

You can also speak with a member of our pharmacy team today on +44 (0)208 545 7731 to discuss the full range of products and services available to you, your clinic, and patients.